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This is the blog in wich we will post news about the releases from now on. So, stay tuned!

TMM168 (Puresoul – The Dark Side Of Love)

Releases Posted on Fri, July 30, 2021 09:51:32

‘Puresoul’ is here again with another amazing release, and we are very proud to present it to you through Tecnomind Music. He is already consolidated as one of our best artists, and continues giving proof of why that is so with all outstanding works. This time it is a softer trance tune, named ‘The Dark Side Of Love’, closer to progressive than his previous tracks, but conservating the beautiful feelings of all his music and melancholic touch. The release comes with a stunning remix by ‘Toregualto’, who recently was presented as new in our labels and already has become top in Tecnomind Uplifting. Now he did another amazing work with this uplifting version of the track which we can augur will be a relevant one too. We absolutely love both original and remix, and for sure they will delight also to you, so here is a 100% recommended release with all tracks of awesome quality. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

TMU023 (Artifi – Wait For Me (Remixes))

Releases Posted on Fri, July 23, 2021 09:42:33

Now is time to present in Tecnomind Uplifting a release with brand new remixes for one of our amazing tunes recently released: ‘Artifi – Wait For Me’. Both of them are by important artists of the trance scene whom debut on our labels and we proudly welcome: On one side ‘Steve Byers’, he is being very successful in other labels, and now you can see why thanks to an incredible remix of stunning quality, he gave it a euphoric touch that we absolutely love. And also ‘Trinity’, who did an outstanding work of quality too, his version is stronger with a solid base, just in the kind of uplifting style that we joy more. We totally love the 2 remixes and difficultly could say which is better, so this is a 100% recommended full pack, and you can’t miss this. Enjoy!

TMM167 (Lot of Talent Vol. 1)

Releases Posted on Fri, July 16, 2021 11:19:17

In Tecnomind Music we are receiving lately so much quality material that we literally don’t give enough. This means that there is more and more latent talent in the trance scene, which is wonderful, and it would be a real shame not to be able to give a chance to those who truly deserve it. That’s why we decided to start a new saga of compilations with tracks by Various Artists, this is named ‘Lot of Talent’, and the Vol. 1 is already here. For it, we count with 7 amazing tunes, the most of them by some of our habitual producers: ‘Ardashir’, ‘LTM Pres. JEMZ’, ‘Master Beat Projekt’, ‘New Earth’ and ‘Sonalyis’. Also, 2 new artists in the label whom we proudly welcome: ‘Ressdan’ and ‘Vikram Prabhu’. All them did really good works each one in their style and none of them have waste, so this is a totally recommended full pack of quality tracks. You can’t miss this release complete, enjoy!

TMU022 (Artifi – The cursed / U – PHORIA)

Releases Posted on Fri, July 09, 2021 09:52:54

‘Artifi’ don’t stop producing amazing stuff, and all that he makes is in the best quality. This time we proudly bring to you a couple of new tunes, and that’s still not all, since we are currently preparing more releases from him. ‘The cursed / U – PHORIA’ is an EP perfect for Tecnomind Uplifting, in which both tracks are outstanding and really difficult to choose which one is better. The first is a little darker, and the second as its name suggests is more euphoric, but the 2 are uplifting trance. Definitely, here you have another 100% recommended release with all the tracks of stunning quality, that aspires to be top. So, you can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

TMU021 (Sieber & Stavnstrup – Ankh)

Releases Posted on Fri, July 02, 2021 09:40:58

The duo ‘Sieber & Stavnstrup’ is between the best artists of our main label, now we are very proud to present their first tune through Tecnomind Uplifting. Its name is ‘Ankh’, making reference to the Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “life”. This is undoubtedly the one that we like most of the tracks we released from these artists, since is the style that we absolutely love. Not only that, but also this has all the indications to become one of our top releases this year. To complete it we count with 3 stunning remixes by new artists in our labels whom we proudly welcome: ‘Amir Rad’, ‘LR Uplift’ and ‘Sentien’. All them are really important producers in the trance scene, and they did each one a work of a remarkable quality, giving a great boost to a tune which is already amazing. So, the whole pack is 100% recommended with all the tracks of maximum quality. Don’t miss the complete release, enjoy!

TMU020 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai – Unfulfilled Wish)

Releases Posted on Fri, June 25, 2021 09:59:39

We are proud to present once again in Tecnomind Uplifting a new vocal tune by one of our favourite formations, ‘Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai’. This time it is also one of the tunes that we like most of all that we heard from them. Its name is ‘Unfulfilled Wish’, is an uplifting trance of awesome quality and we specially loved the melody. She also sings amazing transmitting pure feelings and melancholy, and definitely all in the track is a stunning work. The release comes with 2 amazing remixes by: On one side myself, ‘Jose Bumps’, I was really pleased to remix this tune and truly think that the result is magnificent, being honest the quality of my own productions improved considerably with this one. And also ‘N-sKing’ who we proudly welcome to our labels, he is a talented producer of the trance scene who make uplifting stuff of stunning quality. He did a version of the track with another perspective of the melody that we absolutely love. We are sure that the whole pack will perfectly fit with the uplifting lovers and all the tracks included are quality works, so is a 100% recommended one. You can’t miss the complete release, enjoy!

TMM166 (Hiddeminside – Handling)

Releases Posted on Fri, June 25, 2021 09:55:04

‘Hiddeminside’ continues being one of our top artists and of course one of our favourites, and now we are very proud to present his newest tune trough Tecnomind Music. This is named ‘Handling’, and once again totally amazed us, is a masterpiece that we absolutely love. The tune is in a style unique which combines tech trance elements with the classic euphoric trance sounds that causes goosebumps. But the best is the breakdown with amazing vocals, just like his previous one, which is currently between our principal tracks. We are sure that you will love it and this can be another top tune, so is 100% recommended. You can’t miss this release, enjoy!

TMU019 (Drunk Breeze – Reminds Me Of You)

Releases Posted on Fri, June 18, 2021 10:05:45

A new artist comes from China to Tecnomind Uplifting, named ‘Drunk Breeze’. Is a very young producer of a great potential, whom we can augur a brilliant future in the trance scene if continues working. The tune is named ‘Reminds Me Of You’, and this has a quality too awesome to be from a very new talent. The melody is beautiful transmitting innocence and tenderness, and the base strong just as we like most. Also, the release comes with remixes by 3 of our artists: ‘Ahmed Walid’, ‘Tensile Force’ and ‘Trancephile’. All them did also amazing works of great quality each one in their style, giving to the release a big impulse. We absolutely love the whole pack, so is 100% recommended with all stunning tracks, and you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!

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