new talent comes to Tecnomind Music from Russia. Previously with the aka
‘Eternal Project’ and now we are glad to bring his first release to the music
market as ‘Renal Shamsutdinov’, also we give him the welcome as new artist in
our labels. He possess a great talent playing guitar as you can see in this
track, a quality tune named ‘Moments & Pieces’ in uplifting trance style
with really beautiful melodies and good feelings. And this comes with 2 awesome
remixes by artists of our labels, they are: ‘Ahmed Walid’, who you already know
as ‘Walid Adriano’, and ‘Marc de Buur’ who already released with us through
Mindlifting. Both did really good works, and here you have a 100% uplifting
trance release. You
can’t miss this complete, enjoy it!