was recently presented in Tecnomind Music as new artist, and one of the remixes
of his track is currently in the top ten of the label. Now we are glad to bring
you a new track from him, a bit different from the previous, named ’Binita’. It
is a really quality progressive trance tune and we are sure that the most adept
ones at this style will love it, because this sounds awesome. This comes with 2
amazing remixes by 2 of our artists: ‘Kriztian Krooz Pres. Areia’, who did an
uplifting trance version of the track which sounds really strength, also
retouched the melody and the result sounds great. ‘Vivit’ did another quality
remix in the same style of the original mix, progressive trance that sounds more
commercial in nowadays, and is also a really good work. So, this is a release
very recommended, with variety of styles and all tracks of great quality made
by big talents. Don’t miss the pack complete, enjoy!