we are again, and never better said, with a new remix of our track ‘Jose Bumps
& Gayax – Here we are’. This was presented as brand new into the Special DJ
Set of the compilation for our 50 releases, through Mindlifting Bundles. Now in
Tecnomind Music we are proud to bring you this release with both integer
versions of the remix, ‘Orchestra Edit’ and ‘Bangin’ Remix’ + Radio Remix, by
‘Sunday 9pm’. He is an amazing producer, as you know since he already released
with us, and the strength of his tracks is awesome. This time he combines epic
orchestral sounds with amazing uplifting sounds, and the result is a totally
quality work. We absolutely loved it and we are sure that also you will love
it. So here you have a release 100% recommended that you can’t miss complete.
Enjoy it!