We are pleased to present in Tecnomind Music a newcomer producer coming from Singapore. His strong point is the piano with a long experience since childhood, already participated in a lot of events as DJ since 2 years ago, and released as producer with another alias. Now brings to us his first tune as ‘Zhiroc’, named ‘Pulsating Hearts’. This denotes his virtuosity on piano in an awesome breakdown, also the main part with trance melody sounds very good. Definitely is a great work. The release comes with a couple of amazing remixes by 2 new artists in the label whom we proudly welcome, they are: ‘Hamza Messaoudi’, who did a kind of trance a bit softer, and sounds really quality. And ‘Luis Quezada’ with a strong uplifting trance of a great quality too. We love all the tracks included so the complete pack is highly recommended. You can’t miss this, enjoy!