It’s time to present the release number 100 of Tecnomind Music, and for this special occasion I wanted to produce myself something with my old aka which gives name to this label, ‘Tecnomind’. Apart of this, as you should know, we releases a special compilation though Mindlifting Bundles: ‘The Best of Tecnomind Music Vol. 2 (Special 100 Releases)’, containing a lot of brand new remixes, so check it too! And the tune concerning this release is totally different to what we launched till now through this label. It is old school breakbeat, the style of electronic music that was hitting hardest here in the south of Spain at the time when I started to produce in final 90’s. The tune transmits nostalgic feelings and I think that the name is perfect for it, ‘Everything Comes Back’.

And being as a significant number, I will finish these lines with a reflection… I’m managing my own labels since almost 10 years ago already, first was Mindlifting Records, little time after appears as sublabel OvertMind Records, later a new project named Linger Records, and finally Tecnomind Music (which in the beginnings seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere). All the previous projects has something in common, and is that each time that thought I was reaching my goal, something happened (of course, oblivious to my own will) that force me to leave it doing that all the hard work and time wasted was useless. This happens 3 consecutive times with each one of the different projects, considering this, I can’t say how much time more can keeps Tecnomind Music working. I don’t want to talk about conspiracy and a black hand making my life impossible, but this is something for think about. And someone can say “Don’t you think that is time to assume you’re not worth for this? Forget about it and dedicate yourself to something else” Definitely, I think not. Because each time that I start a new project, I reach the level little by little until I get what I want, and this makes me think that I’m not doing too bad after all. I’m not pretending to say that I’m perfect and don’t make any mistake, of course I do, but an error is something to learn about and not a reason for leave.

Also I want to emphasize that in my experience with labels not all was bad things, I have known a lot of good people around the world, not only good professionals from which I learned much things. Many people with a big heart have selflessly helped me in different aspects. I feel that I also helped much people through my experience, and it is beautiful to see how we help to each other, thanks to all! Finally, I refer to what I said earlier “I can’t say how much time more can keeps Tecnomind Music working”, but if any day I’m forced to leave this project too, you don’t have to worry because as says the tittle of this release “Everything Comes Back”. Enjoy it! 😉