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This is the blog in wich we will post news about the releases from now on. So, stay tuned!

TMM114 (David Surok – Magic Island)

Releases Posted on Fri, June 26, 2020 11:12:42

‘David Surok’ is an awesome producer in our favourite style of music, uplifting trance, coming from Hungary. He already has consolidated a place in the trance scene with a lot of releases through important labels, and now we are proud to present his first release in Tecnomind Music. The name of the track is ‘Magic Island’, and we love the good vibes transmitting the melodies on it, also the base has great strength. It is definitely an amazing tune and we are sure that will delight you, so it is a highly recommended release and you can’t miss this. Enjoy!

TMM113 (The Hunter – Oh My God / The Cloud)

Releases Posted on Fri, June 26, 2020 11:06:28

‘The Hunter’ is a talented trance producer from Italy, newcomer in the trance scene and we recently had the pleasure to include one of his tracks in the last Sampler of Mindlifting Bundles, now we are glad to bring you his first own release in Tecnomind Music. The style of this artist reminds the old school of trance and that’s why we love it, also he always makes very good melodies that invites to dance. This EP includes 2 tracks: ‘Oh My God / The Cloud’, both are great works in the same style but the second a bit more euphoric. The whole pack is very recommended, so you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!