‘Marc de Buur’ is an awesome producer from Germany that already released a lot of tracks and remixes with us and much other labels in the trance scene. Now we are proud to bring you one of his original tunes named ‘Suntasia’, the meaning of this word make reference to the energy of life in the innocence of the childhood. It is a tune that sounds like the classics of trance and we specially love the euphoria of the melody in the breakdown, then the main part has another melody that sounds great too. Also, the release comes with remixes by 2 of our artists, and both them are awesome works. ‘Warmonger’ did an energic and euphoric remix that sounds really quality. And ‘Zhiroc’ did the version of the release that sounds most uplifting but still is softer, although not of less quality. Definitely, here you have a release with diversity of styles and all them are very good works, so you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!