The release number 150 of Tecnomind Music is already here, and as always in an occasion like this, we prepared something special for you. This time we are proud to present the first compilation with tracks by various artists in this label. Apart of this and as is habitual, we continue the saga ‘The Best of Tecnomind Music’ in Mindlifting Bundles, including some of the best last tracks in this label, so stay tuned because the Vol.3 is about to come!

The compilation that we are presenting now is due to that I decided to make a Megamix, this is in the style of those mythical sagas like ‘Maquina Total’, ‘Bolero Mix’, etc.… These were the compilations that were in fashion in the early 90’s, and those megamixes are responsible for my becoming a lover of dance music, when I was a child of around 10 years old.

I did the mix with a personal selection of tracks previously released both in Tecnomind Music and Mindlifting Records, also all these tracks are included complete in the compilation. The style of this kind of megamixes consist in a Mix of studio in which a lot of tracks are mixed in little time, and some funny but laborious FXs with voices comes with each track. Maybe someone of you listened any of the previous megamixes that I did as amateur in this style much years ago, some of them are available to listen in youtube, in my old channel ‘Tecnomind1’, the playlist named ‘Megamixes by Tecnomind’. But in this occasion is the first time that I release something like this officially in a Label, so that is the reason why this is very special for me. As is habitual in a significant number of releases like this, I want finish these lines saying thanks to all the people that make possible this label can continue working, and all those who helps. Also, congratulations to all the artist that are reaching to the top, we hope all you never stop shining! The Tecnomind family labels will continue working day by day to give you the best, and we hope many years more. For now, enjoy this very special release!