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This is the blog in wich we will post news about the releases from now on. So, stay tuned!

TMU016 (Precious Affliction – Medieval Legend)

Releases Posted on Fri, May 28, 2021 10:45:46

‘Precious Affliction’ continues being one of the best formations of our labels and they never disappoint with each work they make, that’s way they are also between our favourites. And this time we are very proud to bring you through Tecnomind Uplifting a new work from them, which we honestly think will become one of our top releases in this year. The tune is named ‘Medieval Legend’, the original mix shows the outstanding uplifting facet of these artists, and preserves the atmospheres of beautiful vocals which they are used to make. And for complete the release, 2 remixes by amazing producers whom we proudly welcome to our labels. They are: on the one hand ‘Last Soldier’, he is nothing less than one of the most successful producers in the uplifting trance scene nowadays. He did a stunning work of quality just as expected, and is the kind of tracks that we absolutely love. Also, ‘Toregualto’. He is another important producer in the scene and did also an awesome work non less relevant. We totally love his style of great strength and quality. And we are very glad that these 2 remixers are doing in addition more works for our labels, which we will present you soon. So, all we can say about this release is little… We are very excited with this, and totally for sure you will enjoy it. Don’t miss the full pack!

TMM162 (Artifi – Wish Me Well (Remixes))

Releases Posted on Fri, May 28, 2021 10:39:54

Now we are pleased to bring you a couple of remixes for a stunning track which we released recently through Tecnomind Uplifting, it is ‘Artifi – Wish Me Well’. By ‘Acceler8’, formed by 2 guys really talented producing all kinds of trance, also known as ‘Shahul & AJ Sam’. And we proudly welcome them to Tecnomind Music with a progressive style version of a great quality. Also, ‘SinStar’, he is another new artist in our labels who we proudly welcome, and is an important producer of the scene capable to make uplifting trance tracks of an amazing quality. His remix is really strong and is just in the style that we like most. We absolutely love both remixes and recommends the full pack, with all awesome tracks in different styles which we are sure will delight to their respective public. Don’t miss the complete release, enjoy!