We have the pleasure to present you now a new own release by the manager of Tecnomind Music. ‘Jose Bumps’, after a period in which most of what he produced were remixes or stuff for special events, is time to present this uplifting tune named ‘Something to Remember’. Following the same line of his previous remix the base is solid, overall, the track sounds strong and the melody is energic transmitting positive vibes. Also, we are proud to count with a remix by one of our best artists, he is ‘Hiddeminside’. This top producer always amazes us with his breakdowns, and for this time can’t be for less, he added to it an epic touch that we absolutely love. The intro and outro of the remix has something of classic trance and techy sounds, and the main part is energic with another perspective of the melody. Definitely, here you have a release totally recommended since all the tracks included are quality works. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!