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This is the blog in wich we will post news about the releases from now on. So, stay tuned!

TMU034 (Artifi – Run away)

Releases Posted on Fri, December 03, 2021 17:04:05

Again its a pleasure to present a new tune by one of our most popular artists, who is unstoppable at the moment, Artifi. Its title is ‘Run away’, and follows his normal outstanding quality of uplifting sounds with euphoric melodies and on this occasion, pleasant vocals . Each new track he produces represents his admiration for producing quality music and so we are once again delighted to have the opportunity to present him to you. We never tire of recommending every track that this artist makes, so you can’t afford to miss this one. Enjoy!

TMM180 (VicTone – Dreams can be true)

Releases Posted on Fri, December 03, 2021 16:58:25

It is now time to present a very talented newcomer to Tecnomind Music. We are pleased to launch the first release from VicTone, from Mexico, called ‘Dreams can be true’ , a work of great quality. The Original Mix is a strong uplifting track with the melody inspiring positive energy and sounds that will delight all you uplifting trance lovers. The release also comes with a remix by one of our in house artists, Vivit, who this time has totally changed his style to a track of higher bpms and with a bit of an obscure touch, but still respecting the original melody, and so we are sure it will be a fit for those who like extravagant styles.  So check out the quality and variety of this release that will be a very interesting listen for different kinds of listeners. Don’t miss this !

TMU033 (Toregualto – Moderna)

Releases Posted on Fri, November 26, 2021 09:58:10

‘Toregualto’ is already consolidated as one of our best artists, since his previous remixes are being really successful and became top tracks of our labels, so we are very proud to work with him. Now is time to present his first original tune with us through Tecnomind Uplifting, this is named ‘Moderna’, and sounds like the uplifting top tracks of the scene. This has an energy and euphoric melody that amazed us, and we are totally sure that also you will love it. For complete the release we count with a perfect remix from ‘Zhiroc’, who is another of our best artists. He did a work of awesome quality, and we truly think this remix is one of the most energetic uplifting tracks that we heard from him, of course we absolutely love it. Definitely, this is a 100% recommended pack, in which all the tracks are outstanding. Don’t miss the complete release, and enjoy!

TMM179 (Puresoul – Dragonfly (Robert Reazon Remix))

Releases Posted on Fri, November 26, 2021 09:51:35

We have the pleasure to present now a brand-new remix for a tune that we already released, ‘Dragonfly’. Which was undoubtedly a jewel from one of our best artists, ‘Puresoul’. The remixer is ‘Robert Reazon’, who we proudly welcome to our label. He is a Russian producer relevant in the trance scene, counting with a lot of releases in the market through different labels. He debuts in Tecnomind Music with an amazing work, a trance version of the track with euphoric melody and we absolutely love how it sounds. Definitely, is a track of outstanding quality and we are totally sure that you will be keen on, so this is a 100% recommended release. Don’t miss this and enjoy!

TMM178 (Lot of Talent Vol. 3)

Releases Posted on Fri, November 19, 2021 09:26:54

The saga continues with ‘Lot of Talent Vol. 3’. For this time, and as always, we are very pleased to bring you a great pack with brand-new tunes, of which none have any waste. Between the artist on it are 2 new signings in Tecnomind Music: ‘Astral Shock’ and ‘Inner Heart’, to which we proudly welcome. Also, 4 who are already part of the Tecnomind family: ‘Jose Bumps’, ‘Master Beat Projekt’, ‘Sonalyis’ and ‘Vikram Prabhu’. As is being habitual in the saga, this is a bundle with great variety of styles, and all quality tracks. So, if you like different kinds of electronic music the full release is a very recommended one. Don’t miss this complete, and enjoy!

TMU032 (Artifi – No going back)

Releases Posted on Fri, November 12, 2021 13:58:32

‘Artifi’ don’t stop producing more and more musical jewels, and of course we are delighted about it, since we love his style and is one of our best artists. He comes now with another uplifting trance vocal tune, named ‘No going back’. This time is an excellent male voice that gives it a commercial touch making this sounds like the top tracks of the scene, and the production as always is sublime. The melody as usual is full of euphoria, the kind that push you onto the dance floor. We totally love it, and is a 100% recommended release since is another outstanding work, so you can’t miss this. Enjoy!

TMM177 (You3f – Morphine)

Releases Posted on Fri, November 12, 2021 13:53:03

Now is time to present to ‘You3f’, he is a newcomer producer coming from Iran, specialized in styles like deep/progressive house. We are pleased to launch him to the music market with his first release in principal stores, this is named ‘Morphine’, and is a really quality tune. The track sounds too good to be one of his first, which denotes that he has experience producing before bring out his first works. We love the peaceful melody and calmed sounds on it, and we are totally sure that will delight to the progressive house sound lovers. Definitely, is a 100% recommended release of exceptional quality, and of course, you can’t miss this. Enjoy!

TMU031 (Dan R – Lanzini)

Releases Posted on Fri, November 05, 2021 12:49:41

‘Dan R’ is back in Tecnomind Uplifting with another of his powerful tunes, its name is ‘Lanzini’. As is habitual in him, the base has a great strength, and what we love most in the track is the melody transmitting positive energy and euphoria. This is a quality work and we are sure that you will love it. The pack comes with 2 amazing remixes by top artists whom habitually are working with us: On one side ‘Precious Affliction’, they don’t stop producing true sonic gems, and the version of the track that made now is totally in the line. It is in the characteristic uplifting style that they are customed to make and which is really successful, so for sure you will love it. And on the other hand, ‘Sanani’. He has certainly outdone himself with this euphoric remix, sounds like the best uplifting tracks that we totally love of great strength and quality, so definitely we can say this is the best work from him in our labels. Here you have a 100% recommended full pack, with all the tracks uplifting of an exceptional quality. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

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